Cuttone Capital Advisors

CUTTONE CAPITAL ADVISORS (CCA) was formed in 2015 as a division of Cuttone & Co., LLC.; the largest independent broker on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As a natural extension of Cuttone & Co’s core institutional trading franchise that serves hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, and other institutional investors, CCA was formed to bridge the gap between middle market investment banking transactions, direct investment opportunities, and the underserved investor base of family offices, private banks, and high net worth individuals.

The mission is simple: Provide access to a carefully curated portfolio of investment banking and direct investment transactions to a cadre of investor that does not ordinarily see these transactions in the most optimal way. CCA works with clients to overcome the challenges and often unfavorable deal structures that generally come with larger investment banks, VC firms, and PE firms. Coincident to introducing investment opportunities, CCA also actively works with many of the entrepreneurs that underpin the family office to provide access to capital or investment banking for their own needs, as well as provide products and services to strategically allocate a client’s liquid holdings to optimize return and tax efficiency, as well as minimize cost.

In sum, CCA strives to be the focal point of information and idea sharing for our clients to discover new opportunities, and perhaps new ways to conduct their business.

Cutttone Capital Advisors

Overview –

  • Independent and Unbiased
  • Carefully curated Portfolio of opportunities
  • The focal point for a large network of Investors
  • Consultative in practice, strategic in thinking