NYSE Electronic Execution

eQuote Parity

By routing to the NYSE through our Equote Parity Route, our customers have access to the Cuttone Pool of Parity which gives them a distinct advantage when executing trading strategies on the NYSE. Parity allows traders to equally access real-time liquidity along with other market participants, bypassing the lengthy queue that often forms on the limit order book. Customers are now able to sit alongside the bid or offer, which can greatly increase the opportunity to get filled.

Discretionary Quote

This order type allows a customer to send a market order to Cuttone and Company and have it represented electronically through the NYSE Discretionary Quote. This strategy will allow the order to receive the closing print price, and retain the right to cancel the order up until the closing bell. Additionally, if the stock closes at a Discretionary Quote limit order’s price; the order is represented on parity and will receive a straight match based upon the percentage of the order to the number of other publicly entered orders.

Electronic Trading

Electronic Trading

Cuttone & Company stands at the forefront of electronic trading for institutional clients with its expertise in trading systems, and its knowledge in order routing. We work closely with our electronic clients to recommend the most appropriate trading platform to maximize their work flow while minimizing the expense. Cuttone & Company maintains relationships with a wide variety of providers to ensure the most optimal fit according to client needs.

Additionally, once a platform has been selected, we work closely to advise on the best order routing method for the U.S. and global markets to satisfy “best execution”, at the lowest cost possible. Given the fragmented and complicated execution environment in today’s market, exceptional order routing schemes are critical to a firm’s trading success.

Today, Cuttone offers its clients access to the Instaquote and Neovest trading platforms with several more in development.

Trading Algorithm

Institutional Options Execution

Cuttone & Company offers options execution and structure advice through both a traditional sales desk, and through the Cuttone Smart Options router. Cuttone Smart Options is optimized to provide access to the liquidity of the major options exchanges, and top market makers, in milliseconds by a single keystroke from the OMS/EMS; all while satisfying best execution obligations. Cuttone Smart Options is available on most order management and execution management platforms.

Cuttone Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Algorithmic trading programs are essential to any equity execution strategy. Exceptional algorithms not only need to execute well against the market, but must also be reliable in their performance, as well as maximize cost effectiveness within the prevailing market economics. Working in tandem with an established provider, Cuttone & Company has developed a suite of algorithms which meets that criteria and augments any equity execution scheme. Moreover, since the algorithms are “go to the market” as Cuttone & Company, any NYSE related orders receive the benefit of parity, or the discretionary quote at the close.

Institutional Sales Trading

Cuttone & Company is an agency only trading desk with all of its New York based sales traders operating from the floor. With our team of experienced, veteran sales traders, we combine access to most major global markets enhanced by the benefit of parity at the point of sale in the New York Stock Exchange. Cuttone’s core competencies reside in trading Risk Arbitrage, Convertible Arbitrage, Pairs trading and Options, however, the entire sales team is well versed in handling all institutional order situations – from the very simple, to the complex multi-legged situation. “The only motivation for a Cuttone sales traders is to execute the order at the best possible price, according to the client’s wishes, all while strictly maintaining the client’s anonymity.