NYSE Electronic Execution

eQuote Parity

By routing to the NYSE through our Equote Parity Route, our customers have access to the Cuttone Pool of Parity which gives them a distinct advantage when executing trading strategies on the NYSE. Parity allows traders to equally access real-time liquidity along with other market participants, bypassing the lengthy queue that often forms on the limit order book. Customers are now able to sit alongside the bid or offer, which can greatly increase the opportunity to get filled.

eQuote Parity


Discretionary Quote

This order type allows a customer to send a market order to Cuttone and Company and have it represented electronically through the NYSE Discretionary Quote. This strategy will allow the order to receive the closing print price, and retain the right to cancel the order up until the closing bell. Additionally, if the stock closes at a Discretionary Quote limit order’s price; the order is represented on parity and will receive a straight match based upon the percentage of the order to the number of other publicly entered orders.

Cuttone and Company at NYSE